HinsonGayle DIVA Collection Handpicked 9-11mm Ultra-Luster Peacock Black Circlé Baroque Cultured Pearl Rope Necklace (65 Inches)


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Product Description

Yes! This is the large black pearl rope that was shown by Gregory on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ Making a Difference report! Wow, this is the ultimate DIVA Collection Hollywood design! This brand new Limited Edition design by HinsonGayle is an absolute head turner! Crafted from handpicked multicolored black circlé baroque pearls, the long rope can be draped a myriad of sexy ways. Create any look you want, but rest assured that you’ll look stunning in these beauties. The irregular-shaped circlé baroque pearls vary in size and shape and achieve an interesting look with their signature rings that encircle the pearls. This drop-dead-gorgeous piece is crafted from multicolored black pearls that are color treated to create rich colors and an eclectic mix of overtones. We mixed the various overtones around the strand including peacock green, aubergine, deep blue and copper (although they are commonly referred to as black pearls due to their dark colors, they are not jet black). The metallic-like luster on these pearls will capture the light and reflect the various hues depending on lighting and what they are worn with. At 9-11mm, these pearls are very big for real pearls; it weighs a noticeable 8 oz! The true fashionista you will go gaga over these pearls. Go ahead, make a statement! (PEARL CARE INFO: As circlé baroque pearls, it is normal for white pearl powder to collect in the pearl rings. This is not tarnish and there is no need to clean it, as the natural pearl powder helps add to the depth and intrigue of the rings. Pearl powder will collect on the surface of all real pearl necklaces, and can be wiped with a soft cloth to keep the surfaces clean. We include a care card with each piece so you can keep your pearls looking great!)
Yes! This is the super chunky black pearl rope that was shown by Gregory on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ Making a Difference report. Americana, personified. These gorgeous 100% nacre multicolored peacock black pearls are so big and lustrous that they’re guaranteed to bring compliments! As an endless pearl strand, these HinsonGayle handpicked beauties can be draped to create a myriad of unique and sexy looks.
Necklace is approximately 65 inches, perfect for draping up to three layers!
The quintessential stress-free gift; HinsonGayle’s luxurious signature gift box will impress her.
HinsonGayle is a Designer Member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America. We passionately create the most fashion-forward designs with impeccable craftsmanship at exceptional prices. Our gorgeous jewelry is handcrafted from rare and premium pearls that our founder meticulously selects in pearl farming regions. As a small business that cares about our customers, HinsonGayle consistently receives top marks for customer service. If you have an order issue, we promise to make it right.


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